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Searching for Ambergris

The Nights, The Days

The Shortest Distance

Time & Distance


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...[her]poems are quietly earth-shaking-- an oxymoron written like the moron I become when having read something that moves me, and Kathleen Thompson's have reduced me to a quivering mass of admiration & greed for more."

Nelle Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird

Kathleen Thompson, in Time & Distance, has given us a record of exquisite pleasures, consecrated in the moments of a life well-lived and as a language that feels as crafted as a jade tree.  As in the haibun and haiku of her hero Bashō, her book carries the immediate candor of a journal and is a thing to relish."

In Time & Distance we see the value of moments and memories, captured, weighed and offered but we also see the pristine beauty of the act of consideration.  It isn't just in the living, but in the remembering, that we are formed, and re-formed, into the people we hope to become.  Kathleen Thompson's words are an invitation to consider our own Musée d'Orsay moments."

Rodney Jones

award-winning author of eleven poetry books; Alabama Writers' Hall of Fame

Stephanie Gates, writer/editor who published with The Washington Post and The Huffington Post

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Good morning!


Thanks for stopping by. Later, in the shade of the white oak tree (lacking a sacred fig, Ficus religiosa), we can meditate or talk, whichever you choose. But first things first: will you have tea or coffee? Lemon? 

No doubt we share this passion of writing, or you wouldn’t have come. And who doesn’t love a slice of warm cream cheese pound cake on the side? So I don’t have a peepal tree/sacred fig? But most plants invite observation and conversation, and perhaps meditation, don’t they? 

I would have cut some zinnias for the table, but deer and armadillos did them in long before September. I cleared out the last of the stalky roots at the mailbox yesterday.

So, now you know a little about me. I write. I bake. I've been bested in gardening by hungry critters. 

And did I say I like letters? Leave me a note if you have to hurry on...


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